For new students

For future students

Welcome to the study of Physics and Astronomy at the UvA and the VU or Mathematics at the UvA! The study association for your study is the Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging Amsterdam (NSA).

Unlike some student associations, there are no obligations when you join, only many possibilities. For €35, you can be member of this fun association for the duration of your studies. Membership allows you discounts on your books, to join a lot of fun activities, and you can enjoy drinks or snack in the NSA-room (room A0.08 at Science Park 904).

Take a look on this site! On this page, you can find information about the current board of teh NSA> If you have any questions, you can approach them or send an email to bestuur@nsaweb.nl. See you in September!

Useful information

You can find your timetable at http://datanose.nl. Click on Personal timetable and fill in your student number.

You can also see if there are any empty rooms available. For this you need to be logged in first. The direct link is datanose.nl/#availability. If a room is empty, you can sit there to study (you can ask the security to open a room if it is locked). You can of course also come study at the tables in the back of the NSA-room!

The sale of books happens through the NSA. Look at the page about books or send an email to boeken@nsaweb.nl for any questions. Other study-related questions can be sent to onderwijs@nsaweb.nl.

Some courses will use syllabi as study material. You will get these as a PDF, and can choose to print them using uva.shop.canon.nl.

To use printers on Science Park you can go to uva.mycampusprint.nl . Note: This is not free, you have to put money on your account first. People who work at the UvA as for example TA do get to print for free. (Pro tip: You can often find somebody with a TA-card in the NSA-room.)