The poflijst

The poflijst

It has become customary to donate 60 cents to the NSA when taking a can of soda, a bag of chips or a bottle of beer. There are two options for this donation: dropping coins in the piggy bank or using the 'poflijst'. This is a list to keep track of how often you take something from the NSA room. You then don't have to pay immediately, rather there is a sort of postpaid system.

To use the poflijst for keeping track of your consumption, you have to make an account on the iPad in the NSA room. To activate the account, you are then asked to deposit €6.- onto your account. You then immediately have a balance of €6.-. Every time you indicate to have taken a snack or drink, your balance reduces by €0.60. It is not a problem if your balance goes below zero, due to the postpaid nature of the system. You can still consume and indicate the consumption on your account for the rest of the week.

At the start of each new week, everybody's account with a negative balance gets frozen. You then have to fist pay off your debt before you can consume again. This can be done on the poflijst-iPad. You are asked how much money you want to add to your account, and the iPad shows you a QR-code that you can scan with your bank account-app.

If you choose to add an amount of less than €5.- to your account, you have to pay an additional €0.36 in transaction costs. This is the set price the NSA always pays to our payment provider. Hence we want to encourage you to pay in a bit larger sums, to save some money for everybody.

Do you want your favourite snack or drink to become a part of the goods in the NSA room? There is a list behind the iPad on which you can write requests. We are always looking for the tastiest deals, so we would love any suggestion that fits within the budget of 60 cents.