The poflijst

The poflijst

It has become customary to donate 60 cents to the NSA when taking a soda, a bag of chips, or a beer. It is possible to pay this with coins to the dino-bank or you can use the Poflijst. This is a website to keep track of how often you get a snack in the NSA room. You don't have to pay immediately then.

Once a month, you will get an email from the NSA board with the total money you have to pay. This email tells you the value of your debts and requests that you transfer the amount to the NSA-bank account with a message containing 'poflijst', your name, and for which month you are paying. You can also pay using iDEAL.

When your debt is more than €10 and you do not pay within a week, you will no longer be able to pay for snacks using the Poflijst. This restriction ends when you pay, from that moment on you can once again get snacks in the NSA room.

You can sign up for the Poflijst on the iPad in the NSA room. To complete it, you have to transfer €6 to the NSA in advance. This money goes on your account to pay for your first 10 snacks. By signing up, you will be on the Poflijst until you indicate you no longer wish to be.