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The Amsterdam Science Study Association( Natuurwetenschappelijke Studievereniging Amsterdam (NSA)) is the study association for students of physics and astronomy at the University of Amsterdam and the Free University Amsterdam, and mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. The NSA is founded to make your study easier and more fun. For example, you get discounts on you study books and there is an online database for exams. Also, there are study related colloquia and excursions. But the NSA is not only for study related activities. The NSA also organises drinks, movie nights and other activities. The NSA also has a tight relationship with other associations. Every year there is the Beta party for beta students, there is Flux and countless other opportunities to broaden your network. For first year students there is an introduction weekend for bonding, so no-one is left alone!

The NSA Room

Room A0.08 on Science Park 904, better known as “The NSA room” is the heart of our association. From this board room the board leads the association while the members enjoy cheap drinks from the fridge or free coffee to enjoy themselves between, before or after the lectures. Through the window a conversation takes place between people leaving on their bikes while the soothing tunes play through our speakers. Everyone is welcome in this true oasis right in the university, we hope to see you soon!

The Board

The board of the NSA changes halfway through the study year, at the end of february during the general meeting. The board is the motor of the association and makes everything possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to them, as they know everything about the association, but also about the study and Science Park. The contact information is shown under “About the NSA”.


Nina Oskam


Chinook Felix


Jaap Osseweijer


Friso Eigenhuis


Ezra de Cleen

Coordinator of Activities

Sietse Verbeek

Commisioner of Education