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Career Event Page

To orientate for your later career, the NSA organizes several events in collaboration with diverse companies to show you a lot of opportunities and whatever job suits you best.

Below is a list of events that will take place in the future.

When it is possible to sign up for these events, a link will appear next to the event, with more information about the content of this event.

Lunchlecture BIT
Date: Thursday 26th of September
Time: 13:00  until 15:00 
Waar: B0.207

Free lunch included and a PVLO-point


Wafer alignment  through Opaque layers

Manufacturing 3D NAND requires very high aspect ratio etching and, as a result, needs a hard-mask to allow for this. These hard-masks provide an added challenge for wafer alignment in x-y position due to the fact that they are opaque. The wafer alignment in ASML’s machines is currently done optically to nm accuracy. The challenge is; how do we align the wafer to the required nm accuracy through an opaque layer?

13.30 uur Preparation case
14.00 uur Intro + explanation case
14.30 uur Start case
16.30 uur Present results + solution ASML
17.00 uur Pizza/drinks

Date: Thursday 3th of October
Time: 13:00 until 17:00 
Location: F3.20 NIKKHEF
Pizza included and a PVLO-point

Inhouseday Xomnia
Date: Thursday 31st of October
Time: 13:00 until 17:00 
Where: Raamstraat 7-I
Pizza and beer afterwards
You can get a do-it-yourself point for PVLONS

Inhouseday Flow Traders


14.00 Welcome at reception

14:15 Presentation

15.45 Trading Challenge

16.15 Tour of the trading floor

16.30 End of the Trading Challenge

Date: Wednesday 6th of November or Friday 8th of November
Time: 14:00 until 17:00 
Where: Jacob Bontiusplaats 9
You can get a do-it-yourself point for PVLONS

Career Day 2020

The program is more or less the same as last year.
First two alumni will speak about their change from university to a company.
Then we will have two round where several companies will give you a small challange, they could encounter in the field.
At 17:00 there will be a small market. Ten different companies will tell a little bit about their work and you can enjoy some pizza and a drink.
Companies which will join are:
Da Vinci Derivatives
and many more to be announced
Date: Wednesday 12th of February
Time: 13:00 until 20:00 
Location: several classrooms and the central hall
Pizza included and a PVLO-point

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