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Interview students22

Dear students,

Within the Physics and Astronomy programme we are looking into the
difference in interest for the various tracks that are offered and why this
is not equally divided.

The number of registrations for the three more experimental tracks (SfES, B&B and AMEP) in
particular are somewhat lower than for the other (theoretical) tracks.
We are looking for the reasons behind this, and what the motivation is for is or would be when choosing a track. Where there is absolutely no right or wrong.

We would like to talk to a number of Master students from all tracks, as well as Bachelor students,
to listen to and learn from the choices you made or are about to maken and what underlies
them. It will involve a group discussion in English and will last approximately one and a half hours.

To thank you for participating, everyone will receive a compensation of 30 euros.
Please also indicate which track you in and in what
year you are in, we would of course like to have a balanced representation during the conversations.

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