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CM: Tennet & Entrep

TenneT Lecture Entrepreneur presentation and Q&A 13:00-15:00 Wednesday 24 February

TenneT Lecture. 13:00 - 14:00

We will start with a small introduction about TenneT. After that there will be a lecture about how TenneT makes electricity stations and how a grid engineer uses math and physics in the field.

Besides the talk there will be a presentation about the TenneT international trainee program and the interesting internships and graduation projects at TenneT

Click here to join the lecture.

Entrepreneur Presentation and Q&A 14:00-15:00

For this session we have invited two entrepeneurs to talk about their experience with starting their own company.
They will each give a 20 minutes talk which will be followed up by 10 minutes of questions. Hopefully there is enough time at the end for
there to be a more informal question round

Our first speaker is Jardo Stammeshaus. He has a bachelor and masters in physics at the UvA, and is currently doing another masters in Science, Business and Innovation.
He has set his eyes on creating sustainable companies and is currently the CEO of Liion Power, a company that creates a better charging system for lithium ion batteries.

Our second speaker is prof. Davide Ianuzzi. He is the director of the Demonstrator Lab, the director for valorization of the Faculty of Science, the author of the book "Entrepreneurship for Physicists".
Davide is also the coordinator of the course "Entrepreneurship for Physicists" and of the course "Entrepreneurship for BioPhysics and Medical Technology".
He is one of the two founders of the high-tech company Optics11 and lastly he is a professor in physics.

We have both a driven physics student who can teach you alot about what you can do in you bachelors/master about being an entrepeneur,
and an experienced professor who can tell you the ins and outs of being on entrepeneur. That makes this is a must see activity

Click here for the link for the entrepreneur presentation.

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