Call for Proposals - ESA's Hands-on projects for university students

The European Space Agency is offering the opportunity to university student teams to propose scientific or technological experiments requiring the use of gravity altering platforms. The selected student teams will participate in the Spin Your Thesis! or Drop Your Thesis! programme.

Up to six teams of university students from ESA Member or Cooperating States will be selected to carry out experiments in hypergravity using the Large Diameter Centrifuge facility at ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands or in microgravity at the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany.

Teams will be supported throughout their project by scientific experts in gravity-related research fields, assisted with project management and workshops by ESA Education and also given some financial support.

The submission deadlines for experiment proposals are

Spin Your Thesis!:     4 September, 2016
Drop Your Thesis!:    9 October, 2016

Both programmes are described in more detail here:!_programme 

For any further information or queries, mail to or, respectively.