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Dies 2019

Wat:            NSA DIES 2019
Wanneer:    Vrijdag 22 november 22:00 - 3:00
Waar:          Escape Lounge
Schade:      € 5,- (€7,50 voor niet leden)

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Excursie 2020 (CERN)


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Symposium 2019

On Wednesday the 13th of November, the yearly symposium of the NSA will take place. Four guest speakers from different fields of study will each give us a lecture for 50 minutes. This year's theme will be coincidence and the speakers we invited are dr. Jean Jacquinot (ITER, france), prof. dr. Wendelin Werner (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), dr Emily Petroff (UvA, API) and dr. Raf Bocklandt (UvA KdVI). For a small price of  €5,- you will be able to experience this promising afternoon with us. If you’re a member of Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging (NNV) you will get a refund of €2,- at the symposium. The symposium itself will be from 13:00 until 17:00 at the Turingzaal, opposite to the Science Park building. A free lunch will be provided during the symposium and the event will be followed by free beers and drinks at the Brainwave in the main hall of Science Park.

Here’s a little preview of the four guests and what they will tell us about. Little abstracts of the talks will be posted on this page every week.

dr. Jean Jacquinot is one of the leading figures at ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. ITER is an international collaboration to investigate the possibilities for nuclear fusion as an energy source. Dr Jacquinot’s talk will be about the obstacles one encounters in the mission to make nuclear fusion a usable energy source.
prof. dr. Wendelin Werner is a professor at ETH Zürich and in 2006, he was awarded the Fields Medal for his research into 2d Brownian motion, stochastic Loewner evolution and conformal field theory. He will come to the symposium to talk about the natural web-like random structures in space and how they relate to physics.

dr. Emily Petroff works at the Anton Pannekoek Institute at the Uva where she researches the only recently discovered Fast Radio Burst, radio pulses which last only milliseconds and whose origin is still unknown. She will come and tell us about her investigations into these mysterious astronomical phenomena and what researchers these days do actually know about them.

dr. Raf Bocklandt works on algebraic geometry and mathematical physics at the Korteweg de Vries Institute. He gives several courses in the mathematics bachelor and is known among students to give excellent talks. He will tell us about the history of incidence geometry and how it came to be, in a prominent way, on coincidence.

The departments have arranged for several classes to be moved from the afternoon itself to other times during the week, so students can come without missing class. In addition, bachelor students studying Physics may be glad to hear that attendance is accompanied by an PVLO-point.

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Lasergamen ft.Procam

Lasergamen ft. Procam

Dear members. The 27th of February we will have another event with Procam. We will have ourselfs a game of lasertag. Sign up NOW!! It will only cost you €16,-

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Bob Ross Workshop

Iedereen kent deze fanatieke schilder: Bob Ross. Wie wilt niet kunnen schilderen zoals hij? Daarom is er op dinsdag 15 oktober een speciale workshop waar je even tot rust kan komen voor de tentamens. Deze workshop zal plaatsvinden in de brainwave vanaf 5 uur. 

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